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Food License/ FSSAI Registration - Online Renew



Once you submitted the above form. One of our executives will contact you regarding the process.


After receiving your form we will ask for the documents necessary for the registration.


After getting all the documents and requirements we will draft and submit your application.


Once your application got submitted you need to wait for some days to get your FSSAI.

Benefits of FSSAI

Food license is mandatory to start any food business. Without the food license registration you are not allowed to run any food business. The government can impose fine or can restrict the food business as per the FSSAI act. So it is necessary to get FSSAI license online before you start your food business.

Food License builds trust of the customers, as the FSSAI License is the seal of purity, safety and better product.

There are various penalties under FSSAI Act for non-compliances of rules. Food Business Owners can be fined Rs. 5 Lakhs or can be jailed for 06 months for not having FSSAI License. So FSSAI registrations provide legal advantage to all food business owners.

Food license registration creates consumer awareness. It ensures our customers that the food they are getting is safe and hygiene.

FSSAI license is provided by the government of India, as the FBO (Food Business Owner) is granted the food license and following all the necessary precautions related to the food safety.

The government fee for the food license registration is as under.

Basic Registration: Rs. 1499/- (Including government fee and professional fee)

State License: Rs. 1850/- (Professional fee) Govt fee is Rs. 2000/- to 5000/- per year

Central License: Rs. 3000/- (Professional fee) Govt fee is Rs. 7500 + GST 18%

If you are registered under the foscos/ fssai then you can use the FSSAI logo on your food product packing and can also hang your fssai license on your shop or office.

Using the fssai logo or fssai license can increase your business scope. As the Fssai license is mandatory for every food business owners so you can not reach the heights of your business without the fssai registration.

Government can put huge penalties to the Food Business Owners for not having the food license. So if you are already registered under the fssai then you will be benefited form these penalties.

Hawkers and other peoples related to the cottage industry are given exemption under the FSSAI act. There is no legal complication for registration under the fssai for the hawkers etc.

Types of Food License and Fee

Type of LicenseEligibilityFee
Basic LicenseSales Up to 12 LakhsRs. 1499/- (Including 01 Year Govt. Fee)
State LicenseSales from 12 Lakhs to 20 CroreRs. 2500/- (Excluding Govt. Fee)
Central LicenseSales above 20 CroreRs. 3500/- (Excluding Govt. Fee)